10 More Movies With Seriously Insane Details You Didn't Notice

The things people do for Oscars.

Jamie Foxx Ray

Whether a movie is great art or bad rubbish, it's tough to deny the absurd amount of time and effort that goes into completing any film.

But sometimes making a solid effort and calling it a day just isn't enough, and filmmakers or cast members might feel compelled to go the extra mile - whether the production really demands it or not.

That's certainly the case with these 10 films, all of which boast a mind-boggling level of attention-to-detail, created with enormous effort and patience despite flying over the heads of most everyone watching.

From production crews pulling off an epic feat the hard way, to insanely punishing method acting, intricate visual symbolism and everything in-between, these movies all went the extra mile to create a lived-in style, story or performance, whether you noticed it or not.

Was it worth all that toil? Did the film benefit from it in any way? Whatever the answer to these questions, the sheer dedication on display walks a fine line between laudable commitment and concerning insanity...

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