10 More Star Wars Scenes You Didn't Realise Were Tricking You

Secret CGI, ADR, and other ways the minds behind Star Wars tricked you in scenes.

Rogue One Star Wars New Hope Footage

Fooling folks into believing they'd just left their own dull world and wandered right into a magnificent galaxy far, far away, the likes of George Lucas and many other talented creators have been successfully immersing viewers in the Star Wars mythos for decades.

While you may assume that learning exactly how the folks behind the camera managed to build jaw-dropping alien worlds or produce certain mesmerising shots kills some of the Star Wars charm, it actually just makes you realise and respect exactly what sort of wonderful things can be achieved through a bit of movie magic.

The following Lucasfilm mind tricks may not have involved deceiving stormtroopers into believing these weren't the droids they were looking for, but they did result in Star Wars lovers being suckered into a universe way more believable than it should be.

In short, there's often more to a Star Wars scene than what meets the eye, dear Padawan learners.

10. Luke Skywalker Smashing The Hut Wasn't All CGI - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rogue One Star Wars New Hope Footage

The Star Wars sequel trilogy may have seemingly embraced the practical side of things a little more than George Lucas' prequel set of flicks, but some epic moments are simply too difficult to achieve via anything other than beautifully crafted digital effects.

Like the moment in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi that involves Luke Skywalker dramatically ripping down a hut containing Rey and Kylo Ren having a moment, for example.

Only, that impressive feat of Force power wasn't a CGI creation at all.

According to the film's special effects supervisor Chris Corbould (via IGN), a physical hut was put together "like a jigsaw", with wires then attached to every single piece that eventually finds itself getting launched through the air.

Said bits were then pulled by pneumatic jerk rams, causing them to move in varying directions, creating a wonderful effect that tricked many into thinking they were watching another fantastic digital moment of madness.

Those pieces were made out of foam, so no Mark Hamills were harmed in the shooting of the scene. Hell, Corbould himself even tested the awesome effect out beforehand, as seen in a clip captured and posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the director.

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