10 More Supporting Actors Who Totally Stole The Movie

Those actors who stole the spotlight from the folks higher up the bill.

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While most of the attention is usually sent the way of the folks leading a big budget super-film, hard-hitting action flick, or intriguing slice of cinematic drama, there have been more than a few occasions over the years when a supporting player has shone too damn brightly to be ignored.

Now in some cases, the promise of certain stars showing up in a supporting capacity almost guarantees a show-stealing performance is heading your way. Yet, sometimes it's those lesser known names and up-and-coming thespians that take it upon themselves to unexpectedly light up a feature to the point where folks are left clamouring for them to play a much bigger part in a sequel.

Whether they simply left jaws smashing off the floor on the back of one particularly electric exchange or scene, or routinely left the audience chuckling, tearing up, or fist-pumping throughout their supporting turns, the end result was still the same. Just about every soul alive walked out of each of the following movies with one actor at the forefront of their minds. But it sure as hell wasn't the one in the middle of the poster.

10. Robin Williams - Good Will Hunting

X Men Days Of Future Past Quicksilver

Despite primarily being known for his near unrivalled comedic chops throughout much of his early career, Robin Williams always displayed an ability to imbue emotional depth into his many hilarious characters.

And whenever he was given the freedom to explore some more dramatic waters, the Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Flubber star always seemed to smash it out of the park. However, when it comes to the finest display on the late, great star's impressive CV, few would argue with Good Will Hunting sitting as his all-round greatest.

In what would ultimately become an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor-winning display from the always moving comedy genius, Williams' work as therapist Dr. Sean Maguire had audiences reaching for a tissue one minute and howling with unfiltered laughter the next.

But arguably the moment that cemented Williams' turn as an all-timer came during his park bench sit-down with Matt Damon's arrogant, titular Will Hunting; a scene so powerful and affecting that you can literally hear the Academy scribbling his name onto the winner's card mid-monologue.

Will Hunting's name may be in the title and Damon's central figure does drive much of the story, but there was only one true MVP of this 1997 drama.


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