10 More Times Actors Had To Get Drunk To Shoot Their Scenes

Even actors need Dutch courage.

Passengers Jennifer Lawrence Chris Pratt
Columbia Pictures

The process of shooting a movie can be so stressful it's little surprise that actors often indulge in a tipple (or ten) before filming begins. Sometimes a scene is so discomforting to an actor that they absolutely must knock a few shots back first, or in the case of some, a little boozing is simply part of their performance ritual.

Whether you knew it or not, these actors ensured they were more-than-a-little pickled when you watched them on-screen, and though stories such as these likely leave studio executives anxiously wringing their hands, in most cases the results End up speaking for themselves.

From getting tanked up to avoid blushing their way through a sex scene to trying to mine some artistic truth out of the act of drinking itself, these scenes featured actors getting totally sozzled in order to survive the shoot.

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