10 Most Amazing Practical Movie Effects Of The 2010s

Yes, Tom Cruise IS on this list.

Warner Bros.

There's a common perception among audiences that practical movie effects are automatically better than digital ones, but this isn't always the case.

The truth is that any type of visual effect can work if it's implemented properly, and over the years, we've seen some phenomenal digital work (Jurassic Park) as well as some stellar practical wizardry (An American Werewolf In London).

But while CGI is just expected to be good - and it only really gets talked about when it's bad - great practical effects can easily become the defining aspect of a film.

From insane stunts to wince-inducing horror and gore effects, movies that do as much in-camera work as possible can more effortlessly immerse audiences in the world they're trying to convincingly construct; no matter how smooth CGI is, there's always that quiet, persistent voice in your head telling you that it's not real.

In a sea of green-screen-laden modern blockbusters, a superb practical effect or real-life set sticks out like a fly on a wedding cake, and in the 2010s, we've been gifted a ton of truly amazing examples in this area.

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