10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Coming In 2020

Next year is set to be one of the scariest yet...

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As you've all heard a million times from me already, horror really is on a roll at the moment. We've got innovative auteurs and stacks of cash being pumped into a genre that's producing some of its finest work yet, and it doesn't look like that big old horror hype train is anywhere close to stopping. And you know what? Strap us right down on those tracks, because we want to be hit with more.

Fortunately for all you masochists out there, the genre is set to keep the trend for banging movies going strong with a whole new wave of entries coming in 2020.

Kicking off the start of another decade in entirely the right way, we've got franchise follow ups, Hollywood hits, and inventive originals all coming to our eyeballs surprisingly soon, with plenty more announcements likely to come along the way.

So let me whack out my crystal ball and see what the future holds, eh?

10. The Turning

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If I told you yet another entry into the world of The Turn of the Screw inspired tales, you might sigh a bit and say 'okay, sure, why not.' Because whilst we all love a good dash of classic Victorian horror, and this simple ghost story especially, we've seen it far too many times to truly be excited for it. But The Turning dares to defy that sad expectation with a terrifying take that's sure to get audiences shivering with fear once more - combining a stellar cast, taut visuals, and Steven Spielberg himself for something extraordinarily potent.

The Turning takes its title literally, adding a sickly spin to its trailer. When a nanny is charged with looking after two disturbed orphans in their sprawling mansion home, something sinister beckons, with both the house and the children hiding their fair share of dark secrets.

It's out 24 January 2020, meaning we don't have to wait long for this wintery treat. The whole spider in the mouth thing is enough to confirm this as one of the more lasting titles of next year already.


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