10 Most Anxiety-Inducing Movie Scenes EVER

Rating a 10/10 on the sweat-o-meter.

20th Century Fox

You might watch movies for reprieve from the stresses of everyday life. A window into another world for a brief moment that allows you to bask in simple cinematic joys - like the wonders of space travel, or the unreachable realms at the bottom of the ocean, or even just the sordid joys of being... in love. You know what I mean. Oi oi.

But that escapism always comes with a price. Did you know that you can asphyxiate in space in about seconds if you manage to avoid exploding your lungs or boiling out your own eyes? Or that the Mariana Trench goes down as far as Everest goes up, and would crush you into a tiny shrivelled piece of potpourri instantaneously should you find yourself at the bottom of it? Or even that at least 11,000 people suddenly die in the throws of impassioned boinking a year? DID YOU?

Even the most placid of movies are riddled with tension should you think about them too hard, and that's without even considering the ones actually designed to get your heart racing. Which we're about to do. Gulp.

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