10 Most Bizarre Items To Be Possessed In Horror Movies

The weirdest possession horror movies - In Fabric, Slaxx & more!

Slaxx horror movie
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One of the staples of the horror genre is a good ol' possession movie, with The Exorcist the go-to picture when it comes to a truly stunning possession-driven film.

Across the decades, we've clearly seen plentiful people become possessed by demonic presences, while something such as the Poltergeist franchise has thrown up a possessed house, Child's Play and similar pictures have centred on possessed dolls, and the likes of Christine and Maximum Overdrive are based around possessed vehicles running rampant.

While those particular tropes may be relatively commonplace in horror, there's also some more unique or outright nuts movies featuring other items and artefacts being taken control of by some vengeful spirit.

Rather than people, buildings and automobiles, there are numerous examples of clothing, food and everyday household items developing their taste for blood and torment. Or in one case, simply a basic car tyre determined to drive itself through a roaring rampage of carnage and collateral damage.

It's on this corner of horror that the spotlight is shone here, as it's time to explore some of the more bizarre items to have taken on a chilling mind of their own in the realm of horror.

10. Amityville 1992: It’s About Time - A Possessed Clock

Slaxx horror movie
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The sixth movie to be released under the Amityville name, Amityville 1992: It's About Time is built around a possessed clock.

Clock. It's About Time. Geddit?!?!

Much like the horrendous play on words featured in its title, Amityville 1992 is an outright stinker of a film. Also known as Curse of Amityville: The Final Chapter in some markets, a family patriarch makes the not-so-smart move of bringing home a clock from the old Amityville house.

Wouldn't you know it, said clock cements itself to the family's mantlepiece, then starts to f**k with them by turning their living room into a literal torture chamber of olde, setting a dog on the dad of the clan, having zombies stalking them, melts them into the floor, and even brings a bunch of time travel to the table.

To say that Amityville 1992: It's About Time is one of the absolute worst films to have the Amityville name attached to it, that should tell you all you need to know. After all, Amityville is one of the massive multi-movie properties that sadly only has maybe two, possibly three genuinely good films under its belt - with a ridiculous 27 pictures having used the Amityville mantle over the decades.


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