10 Most Boring Blockbusters Of All Time

9. Godzilla

Man Of Steel Behind The Scene

Film critics can debate whether Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla is a better/worse film, but let’s take Roland Emmerich’s version to task for its stupid story, uninteresting characters and over length.

Clocking in at 139 minutes (the same length as 2001: A Space Odyssey), Emmerich’s Godzilla has about 15 minutes of fun at the very end, when the Big G gets caught up in the bridge and the jets close in to finish him off. The rest of the film is so bloated that if you saw it in the cinema, you could go to the concession stand every few minutes without missing anything.

What does Godzilla do for 2 hours, you ask? He plays peek-a-boo with multi-million dollar jets in the middle of New York City, and if he wants to avoid being nuked, all he has to do is move his head slightly and the pilots destroy the Chrysler building instead.

When he’s offscreen, the boring characters add “comic relief” or pose in front of ads for Swatch and Blockbuster. Audience goes Zzzzzz.

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