10 Most Confusing Films Of All-Time

The addition of confusion into a narrative can really make or break a movie. On the one hand, a complex storyline or a selection of ambiguous scenes can make a movie deep and interesting, setting it apart from the hoards of forgettable, shallow movies that constantly get released (not pointing any fingers Movie 43). But on the other hand, confusion can inject an unnecessary sense of intellectual snobbery into a narrative, the visual equivalent of the whole cast and crew looking down at you and saying €˜it is good, you just don€™t get it. Moron€™, and nobody likes getting judged. Here we will look at ten of the most confusing movies out there and try to pinpoint whether, in each case, the confusion adds to the experience, or is just a distracting gimmick that fails to inspire. Oh and for the record Inception doesn't count as a complicated. OK?
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