10 Most Confusing Scenes In Star Wars History

6. How Did Poe Survive That Crash? - Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Obi-Wan Kenobi

And speaking of one of the galaxy's most notable pilots, Poe Dameron has found himself in the middle of a few rather peculiar developments since arriving on the Star Wars stage during The Force Awakens.

It was during that Sequel Trilogy-starter that it actually looked like fans had been robbed of a multi-film showing from the always compelling Oscar Isaac early on, with Dameron being assumed dead in the wake of crash-landing on Jakku with Finn in the first act.

It's well known how the original plan was to actually kiss goodbye to Poe after that dramatic escape from The First Order's clutches. Which probably explains why the nature of his eventual survival was quickly skipped over in the film itself.

And for a while fans were merely left to speculate precisely how Poe was somehow able to survive being thrown from a crash and find his way back to the Resistance. But then Alan Dean Foster's eventual novelisation of the flick shed a bit more light on this slightly unclear turn-of-events.

Upon waking up from being launched far away from the crash, Dameron actually encountered a scavenger who helped him reconnect with his allies. Simple as that.

But for those who haven't found the time to pick up Foster's book, Poe's convenient re-emergence definitely came across as a little suspicious partway through Episode VII.

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