10 Most Cringe-Worthy Scenes In Amazing Movies

9. Jackson Pees Himself - A Star Is Born

Swingers Jon Favreau Vince Vaughn
Warner Bros.

2018's remake of A Star Is Born is a regularly devastating look at the destructive power of alcoholism, as Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) attempts to conquer his demons while fostering the career of singer-songwriter - and his future wife - Ally (Lady Gaga).

Jackson's alcohol abuse becomes increasingly severe, affecting his relationship with Ally and resulting in a number of publicly embarrassing episodes, the worst of which occurs at the Grammy Awards.

After Ally wins the Best New Artist award, a wasted Jackson joins her on the stage and stumbles around, all while Ally tries to retain control of the situation.

But before Ally can finish her speech, Jackson urinates himself on the podium, his trousers becoming visibly soaked through as Ally attempts to cover him up, and then he passes out.

Public embarrassment is always tough to watch, but on literally one of the grandest, most high-profile stages an entertainer can ever have? It's absolutely excruciating.

And while the cringe might've been mitigated if it led to Jackson finally getting sober and putting his life back on track, that's tragically not what happens.


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