10 Most Dangerous Bounty Hunters In Star Wars

Sith Lords might be Star Wars' most feared characters, but these Bounty Hunters aren't far behind.

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Bounty hunters. Hearing those two words in any corner of the galaxy can raise eyebrows. Some people immediately think of the biggest scum around, bottom feeders who prey on the weak and defenseless to make a quick buck. Others see characters living on the fringe of the Galaxy, free and outside of the long reach of whatever government thinks it's in charge this week.

In reality, they are businesspeople trying to make ends meet in a place that doesn't care if their targets are brought in dead or alive (just no disintegrations if at all possible). It would be easy to assume that bounty hunters are hired only by criminal elements. They are their primary employers, yes, but bounty hunters do fill other roles.

During the Clone Wars, the Republic hired bounty hunters to work on Kamino and assist in the training of Clone Troopers. But in a galaxy filled with bounty hunters, there were a few names that became legendary in almost every system.

Each one of them was dangerous for entirely different reasons, some operating with a stricter code than most. No matter how honorable someone thinks any single one of them might be, never turn your back on a bounty hunter if there's money on the table. It will not go your way.

10. Embo

Black Krrsantan

Star Wars: The Clone Wars put a surprising amount of time into new bounty hunter characters, some of whom were more prominent than others. It did a great job of showing how big an impact these characters had but also how many of them were operating throughout the galaxy. Mos Eisley wasn't the only hive of scum and villainy by far.

One of the more memorable bounty hunters to come out of The Clone Wars was Embo. A Kyuzo male, Embo wore a distinctive hat that served as a weapon, a shield and occasionally a snowboard. He was also known for packing a bowcaster as his weapon of choice and even had a pet anooba that came with him on some missions.

Embo was a highly respected hand to hand combatant, giving the Jedi a run for their money on several occasions. He didn't get the most screen time, nor was he known for being an orator, but he was one of the most dangerous bounty hunters around. Talk softly and carry a big bowcaster was his motto, and Embo lived by it.

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