10 Most Dangerous Cinematic Aliens

The creatures that make us jump, while reminding us of our humanity.

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Movie aliens serve the purpose of the intriguing Other in most genres. Often benevolent and trying to find their way, they win over our hearts in films such as E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and The Abyss.

However, there are numerous aliens who are not interested in pleasantries. Some of them want to show dominance, some want to take over our planet and some want to wipe out humanity altogether.

One thing weaving through these films is the fact that we do not go down without a fight. We fight hard for everything that we have, even if takes enormous sacrifices on our part.

No matter how frightening, many of the most memorable aliens are those that teach us some truths about ourselves and remind us of what is important. They are also there to remind us of our survival instincts, our love for life and planet Earth and the relevance of unity and individuality.

These creatures might be threatening, but they are also gauges for those aspects of our personality and subconscious that we can never afford to neglect.

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