10 Most Delayed Films Ever

These films weren't just in development hell... they were in ACTUAL hell.

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After gestating for over two years, The New Mutants will finally hit cinemas on August 28th... hopefully. Considering this X-Men spin-off's release date has shifted on five separate occasions, it feels like there has been no movie in recent memory that has been delayed more.

Now, waiting for two years on the shelf must have been a nightmare for everyone involved in The New Mutants. But that sort of interruption is nothing compared to what some productions have suffered.

Due to budget concerns, a change in studio, or the death of an actor, some films have been postponed for over a decade. Sometimes, the production goes on hiatus for years. Other times, the cast and crew keep filming and editing despite their work being besieged with every inconvenience imaginable.

If you thought disruptions like this only happen to small-time movies, you'd be wrong. Even the world's most powerful directors and biggest studios have made motion pictures went into limbo for ages.

Whether these features were interrupted by floods, heart attacks, or the cast being shredded by lions, it's a miracle any of these films ever saw the light of day.

10. Movie 43 (4 Years)

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Say what you want about the abomination that is Movie 43, but it has one of the greatest casts in movie history. Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Chris Pratt, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman, etc. If that sounds too good to be true, it is. Most of the actors wanted no part in the movie and only agreed to star since they were friends with the producer, Charles Wessler.

When the cast saw that the script consisted of racism, poo fetishes, and neck testicles, a lot of them tried to jump ship. To keep them onboard, writer and director, Peter Farrelly, told the producer, "Wait them out. Shoot when they want to shoot. Guilt them to death."

And that's exactly what the producer did. Wessler was so persistent to get Richard Gere, he waited an entire year for him to be available and then moved his shoot 3,000 miles to accommodate the star. After a painstaking four years, Wessler managed to wrangle all the actors he needed to complete the film.

Despite having the patience of a serial killer, Wessler's commitment was in vain. After only earning $32 million and a 4% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Movie 43's proposed sequels were cancelled.


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