10 Most Depraved FIlms You've Never Seen

Depraved Movies Certain types of film fans love a bit of depravity with their popcorn, and for that very reason, I have scoured the rancid bowels of my mind to bring you these cinematic catastrophes to delight in, be repulsed with, or be morally incensed by - whatever tickles your fancy. Needless to say, if Mary Whitehouse was alive, she would probably spontaneously combust reading this. Quite frankly, I am bored of perusing lists of controversial films with Salo, Cannibal Holocaust and Last House on the Left on them. They are highly commendable films but they have been discussed to death. The films on this list go deeper in their degree of sleaziness, depravity and nastiness and they are lesser known which makes the list that little bit more spicy. And we can all do with a little spice in our lives - even if it leaves a bitter, pungent taste.... Just like these movies do. So remember to have your barf bags handy and enjoy!

10. The Gore Gore Girls (1972)

Gore Gore Girls This piece of ultra violent trash was made by the Godfather of Gore - Herschell Gordon Lewis, a former English Professor, who regurgitated onto the screen such cult classics as Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs! and The Gruesome Twosome. This 1970 schlocker follows the adventures of a rather suave (for an HG Lewis movie) detective on the trail of a serial killer who is bumping off strippers in a most egregious fashion. Gory highlights include a stripper having her rear end pounded to shreds with a meat tenderiser - and the killer throws spices all over her mangled booty after he has finished his handy work!, a stripper having her nipples cut off and one nipple spurting vanilla milk, the other chocolate milk and a particularly gruesome scene where a stripper gets her face deep fat fried in a pan of oil. This may sound humorous, and to a certain extent I agree it is, but what troubles me is the brutality of the murder scenes and the way that the camera unflinchingly focuses on the action with no relief. There are comic moments to break the depravity up - such as a women's rights protest at the strip club - and I'm pretty sure HG Lewis meant the film to be funny but at its core, it is a grimy, seedy little film indeed. I once managed to convince my motherthat The Gore Gore Girls was a snuff movie. How she laughed!
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