10 Most Devastating Movie Openings That Totally Broke You

9. Frozen

Frozen OPening

If there's one thing that Disney film-makers know, it's that heartbreak is character-building. It's like they're all put through some sort of grotesque bootcamp that teaches the value of emotional scar tissue as plot armour. There's barely a classic Disney character who wasn't orphaned or outcast in some way.

And despite the uplifting overall message of Frozen that you can Be Who You Want To Be and that suppressing your true identity is toxic, it's a pretty intensely sad film at times. Particularly in its opening sequence (at least after the slightly weird ice mining sequence that serves as its opening credits).

In an emotional rollercoaster of a sequence we get to see Anna and Elsa playing as children and the introduction of Elsa's powers only for her to basically kill her little sister accidentally (until the rock trolls intervene) and then end up locked away for fear of losing control of her powers. As if that loss of innocence isn't enough, Disney then drops their parents into the ocean in a ship-wreck for good measure, orphaning the girls and making Anna's alienation from her sister all the more profoundly sad.

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