10 Most Disappointing Horror Movies Of 2019 (So Far)

Stop claiming everything is 'the scariest movie of the year'!!!

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As a horror fan, it's all too easy to be disappointed. This is, after all, a genre most closely tied to provoking strong emotional flashpoints, which makes it the easiest genre to sell in a trailer. Unfortunately, trailer cutting teams also seem not to care about leaving any of those moments unrevealed for the final film, so we're often duped into believing a trailer is a greatest hits reflection and not the sum total of the film's scary moments.

Still, the genre is also one of the most beloved by fans who've been through a lot, so it's inevitable that we're always quick to profess ourselves open to love again. And so starts the cycle again.

This year has seen some great horror movies already, but it's also fair to say that there have been some stinkers too. They're bad enough, but the ones that look even vaguely arresting and then end up failing to live up to their own claims are worse.

It isn't enough to be bad here, like The Murder Of Sharon Tate (which always looked like it was going to be absolute garbage), these horror movies have to have had some promise that just wasn't met.

10. The Curse Of La Llorona

The Curse Of La Llorana
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Watching the trailers for The Curse Of La Llorona, you'd have been forgiven for expecting it to be genuinely scary. It appeared to be an atmospheric, period horror with the strong foundation of being based on real world folklore and a fairly simple ghostly premise. Had it delivered on the scares, it might have been a positive experience.

Unfortunately, there's nothing in The Curse Of La Llorana that's anything like innovative and the story - of a spectre searching for new kids to replace the ones she murdered in a fit of jealous rage at her husband's infidelity in the mid-1600s - isn't really enough to take the weight.

The Conjuring universe is in danger of becoming paint by numbers, identikit horror in the vein of a James Patterson crime book - ticking boxes, using similar ghostly apparitions (right down to them looking like they all share a dress-up box) and doing the bare minimum to recapture what James Wan kicked off. This could have been good, but it's just mediocre and misses its own potential.


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