10 Most Disgusting Scenes In Recent Horror You Couldn't Watch

Well, that was gross.

Gerald's Game

If you are obsessive with horror, you probably enjoy watching entrails sprawling across the screen and characters being slashed to ribbons.

But in a way, watching a horror movie to check out the blood and guts can be paradoxical. If the gore is underwhelming, you feel like you got ripped off. But if the gushing wounds, dismemberment, and decapitations are totally convincing, you can't help shielding your eyes and retching in disgust.

Now there's plenty of iconic moments in the genre that encourage viewers' toes to curl. Audiences were in knots watching The Exorcist. While watching The Evil Dead, you probably felt your gag-reflex kick in. And we all felt faint watching the Xenomorph bursting out of John Hurt's character in Alien.

But there are lot of gruesome images in recent slashers and gorefests which deserve more attention. Whether these scenes last a split-second or a full minute, even the most die-hard horror fans will struggle not to be repulsed .

If you're squeamish, stay away. But if gore is your jam, give these recent releases a look... or don't, since they are so fricking disgusting.

10. Face Peel - Level 16

Gerald's Game
Markham Street Films

Level 16 follows a group of beautiful teenage girls who are kept in a secret lab, under the impression they are to be adopted. The facilitators order the teens to wash thoroughly and care for their skin, to give them a better chance of being selected.

But as suspicions increase, two of the girls, Sophie and Vivien, investigate the facility, causing them to stumble upon the horrifying truth. The building they reside in isn't an adoption clinic - it's a rejuvenation centre, where the higher-ups sell the girls' beautiful skin to the highest bidder to look young. Even though this transplant is obviously fatal to the unknowing donor, the buyers believe this is a small price to pay to stay youthful.

As haunting as this revelation is for Sophie and Vivien, how they find out is all the more disturbing. While exploring a morgue, the pair unzip a bodybag, only to find their deceased friend, Rita, inside, with her skin peeled off from head-to-toe.

This shot lasts less than a second but it's immediately seared into the viewers' minds more than any other image in the entire movie.


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