10 Most Disturbing Backstories Behind Quentin Tarantino Movie Side Characters

9. Sex Machine

Pulp Fiction
Mirimax Films

From Dusk till Dawn is one of Tarantino's wilder scripts. The majority of the film plays out like your standard Tarantino crime flick, then out of nowhere the movie turns into a grizzly horror fest. With flesh eating vampires and George A. Romero style gore, director Robert Rodriguez played further homage to the genre by casting famed make up and special effects artist, Tom Savini as Sex Machine.

True to Tarantino style, the character was distinctively eccentric, carrying a whip and brandishing a double-six shooter from his crotch - which he aptly used to blast the undead to pieces. Given his fondness for scantily glad women and his not-so-subtle nickname, one can only assume this guy had a pretty big appetite when it came to coitus.

However, more about the character's background was revealed in the TV adaptation. Sex Machine - real name, Aiden Tanner - was revealed to have lost his penis in a horrible smelting accident as a child. Turns out all the metal gun-dick postering really was just a way to compensate for something... or a lack of something.


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