10 Most Disturbing Details Implied In Movies

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A good movie that has a worthwhile story to tell, will tell it succinctly, promptly and well within ninety minutes. Filmmakers will laugh, cry, shriek or gasp at whatever story they're being presented with and leave the cinema (or switch off the streaming service) feeling satisfied with what they've watched.

The trouble is, sometimes those ninety minutes aren't enough to fill in the backstory or character development audiences need to invest and engage with a film; so any great filmmaker worth their salt will build some substance into the film.

To build a world, establish a villain or raise the stakes, a film will sometimes allude to something but never fully acknowledge it. It's what can make movie-watching so entertaining; knowing an actor has inserted their own trait or detail into a character, or a writer has softly paid tribute to an event that never gets a look-in ever.

But sometimes a film can trip us up with something downright disturbing. The films that blow right past them and never acknowledge them again, they can mean so much more than just to shock us. The world is built, the villain is established and the stakes are raised when you pay attention to these tiny details with greater implications.

In this list, we'll be taking a look at ten film scenes that contain some horrific implications.

10. The Girl In The Spider's Web - Don't Poke Your Nose Where It Doesn't Belong

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The Girl In The Spider's Web was a missed gem of a film; a movie adaptation of one of the Millenium books not written by Steig Larsson, it fell by the wayside as not only independent from David Fincher's own adaptation of The Dragon Tattoo, but wasn't given a whole lot of press to begin with - which is a shame because it stands up on its own as a thrilling detective story.

Aside from being an eerie continuation of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist's investigations into dark societies, there is some disturbing imagery throughout (the vacuum-packed latex suit certainly stands out in many minds) but another scene that sticks out comes sooner in the film.

Mikael (Sverrir Gudnason) searches for clues regarding the mysterious Spider Society, and follows one trail that takes him in the path of a man called Milos. From the get-go, there's something off about Milos' facial features (in particular his nose) and after Mikael presses Milos further for information regarding The Spiders, the penny is dropped (and the mask is lifted).

Milos reveals his nose and upper-lip are prosthetics, and that he once followed the Spiders just like Mikael is. Milos was caught, and the Spiders made their message loud and clear by removing Milos' nose - a rather gruesome way of telling someone not to poke their nose where it doesn't belong.

Mikael is visibly upset by this, and audience' understanding of the reach and creative mercilessness of the Spiders is unveiled.

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