10 Most Disturbing Endings In Recent Horror Movies

Good luck sleeping after watching these...

The Hatching
IFC Midnight

While watching a horror feature, the audience should be scared out of their wits after experiencing jump-scares, excessive violence, and grotesque kills.

Because viewers have had their hearts pounding and pulses racing for 90 minutes or so, it's refreshing when the story has a happy ending. As terrifying as Jaws, Poltergeist, and Scream are, moviegoers breathed a sigh of relief during the closing moments, knowing the threat had been neutralised.

But there are some horror features that go in the opposite direction, saving the biggest scare for last. And in recent years, there've been plenty of mind-bending folk-tales, paranormal stories, and chilling slashers that decided to end things on the sourest note possible.

Just to be clear, the ten entries on this list aren't just frightening, but unsettling. Although these final sequences may not be scary in the conventional sense, they're sure to leave anyone shaken to their core.

And since these brutal scenes are the last things seen before the credits roll, they are far more likely to leave an impact. As such, it's likely these haunting climaxes won't be forgotten any time soon.

10. Fall

The Hatching

Fall centres around professional climbers Becky and Hunter, who find themselves trapped on top of a 2,000ft TV tower. When they text for help, they realise the message won't send due to radio interference. Hunter drops her phone below, using her shoe to soften the fall, hoping her message will go through when it hits the ground. Sadly, the phone shatters on impact.

After their backpack falls on a communication dish, Hunter attempts to retrieve it. Although Hunter stumbles during her descent, she successfully grabs the bag and returns to the top.

During the night, Becky asks Hunter for her other shoe to try the phone-drop strategy again. Hunter cryptically informs her friend that she can't, since her shoe is still by the communication dish.

When Becky looks down, she's horrified to see Hunter's corpse sprawled beside the satellite. Only then does she realise Hunter fell to her death while grabbing the backpack, and Becky has been hallucinating her presence since.

But that's not all. With no other means of survival, Becky sends a text to her dad and then places the phone in Hunter's jeans. She then drops her friend off the tower, hoping her body will cushion the fall, so the text will send.

Although Becky's plan works, it's deeply disturbing how she had to splatter her best friend's carcass across the ground to get rescued.


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