10 Most Disturbing Saw Movie Traps

Here's the ten most brutal traps in the jaw-breakingly popular Saw franchise.


Over eight movies and two video games, Saw's turned gore into an art form.

Sure, the story kind of went off the rails, but you don't build a successful franchise without a good idea or two, and Saw's idea was traps.

For the one person who decided to click on this article without knowing already, here's a quick recap: Jigsaw's MO is to put people into traps to test their will to live, or rehabilitate them for their sins.

These tests (almost) invariably involve huge amounts of physical pain, often to the point of mutilation, or even dismemberment, but successfully winning the game means you get to live another day.


10. Reverse Beartrap (Various)

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The Reverse Beartrap is undoubtedly the most iconic trap in the franchise. It's both one of the first traps introduced and one of the last shown before the reboot, and it's almost a shock to newcomers that we don't see it actually kill anyone until the end.

So how does it work? It's placed on the victims head, with steel plates in the victims mouth, and if it hasn't been removed in time, it snaps open, tearing the victim's jaw open and killing them instantly.

So why is this iconic trap so low in the list? Well, it kills its victims a lot faster than most traps, and by the time we actually see it work, although undoubtedly gruesome, we've seen seven movies of gore by then. It also loses points because it's more often used as a murder weapon, as opposed to giving victims a chance to escape.

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