10 Most Disturbing Star Wars Characters

If you're looking for scum and villainy, you've come to the right place.


We all know Star Wars is a world of black and white. Good vs, evil, dark vs. light, and so on. And, If we’re talking evil Star Wars characters then there’s no one eviler than the Emperor himself. Palpatine is manipulative, narcissistic, and he shoots freaking lightning out of his fingers.

But, do we ever see him do anything really disturbing?

Sure, he kills Jedi (in self-defense). And, he tortures Luke Skywalker a little on the Death Star, but is that all that disturbing? Like, make-your-skin-crawl disturbing? Probably not. But, that’s not because the Star Wars universe is lacking in disturbing characters.

The galaxy is full of back-alley surgeons, cruel droid taskmasters, ruthless warlords, and Sith masters. In short, there is some pretty messed up stuff in Star Wars. Disturbing characters run rampant in the Star Wars galaxy. And, there are other characters that aren’t very disturbing themselves, but the things that happen to them will keep you up at night.

And, if you spend enough time in a cantina you’re bound to run into one of these ten disturbing Star Wars characters. Buckle up reader, because we’re going way beyond Jabba the Hutt.

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