10 Most Divisive Movies Of 2019

The movies that got everyone arguing this year.

Warner Bros.

There are unquestionably those movies that practically everybody loved this past year - Avengers: Endgame, John Wick: Chapter 3, and Toy Story 4 - and also those movies that almost everybody hated - Dark Phoenix, Hellboy, and Men in Black: International.

But more interesting has been the debate around films which couldn't be put into a box quite so easily, which drove a wedge between viewers and critics alike, with audiences of all kinds fiercely arguing over their merits - or lack thereof.

These 10 films, from repulsively expensive blockbusters to more pared-down genre offerings, all split viewers down the middle with their dubious business practises, questionable storytelling, and divisive status as the latest entry in a hit franchise.

The debates surrounding these movies will rage on forever more, but they're most certainly the projects which lit a fire under viewers and had them passionately fighting for their corner.

Whether you loved these 10 movies or hated them, you most certainly didn't have a chance to forget them this past year...

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