10 Most Drastic Character Transformations Between Movies

Cipher has made a bit of a make-over...

Charlize Theron Fast 9

One of the most satisfying aspects of becoming invested in a movie franchise is getting to see beloved characters grow and change from film to film, because who among us stays the same person their entire life?

While there are certainly those movie series which feature largely evergreen, never-changing protagonists - looking at you, Mission: Impossible - it can be tremendously rewarding to see heroes and villains transform over the years.

To be clear, this list won't be examining simple recasts where parts changed hands between actors - because that's just too easy - but characters who underwent massive physical (and possibly emotional) changes, be it for practical filmmaking reasons or, more often, to reflect the passage of time since the previous movie.

These 10 transformations are all pivotal and unforgettable within both the context of the character and the franchise itself, reinventing the hero or villain in such a provocative way that it's tough to even think about how things used to be...


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