10 Most Elaborate Movie Climaxes Ever

9. Bad Boys 2

Inglourious Basterds Melanie Laurent
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Tony Scott has nothing on Michael Bay when it comes to excess. Both were born of the same world, out of the Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer coke-fueled 80s, but Scott at least cared about structure and story. Bay just churns out pictures as pumped on steroids as his Mark Wahlberg character in Pain and Gain.

Bad Boys, Bay's first feature debut after a decade spent directing music videos, was a modest buddy cop film that few would remember were it not for the two sequels and the onscreen chemistry of stars Will Smith and Matthew Laurence. Bad Boys 2 is the exact opposite, going for broke at every opportunity.

The film follows the two aging leads as they try to settle into parenthood while uncovering a major drug ring flowing into Florida through Cuba.

The finale is an embarrassment of excess, with our leads basically trampling an entire village in an enormous car as they chase down the villain. When they have their final showdown, he ultimately takes a bullet to the head. But this is still a Michael Bay movie, so a simple gunshot isn't enough. Instead, his corpse drops on a handful of landmines, obliberating him.


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