10 Most Embarrassing Movie Uncles

We all have that uncle we don't want to be seen with in public.

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Harper Lee famously once said: €œYou can choose your friends but you sho' can't choose your family, an' they're still kin to you no matter whether you acknowledge 'em or not, and it makes you look right silly when you don't.€ Shailene Woodley recently said that "Every family is dysfunctional, whether you want to admit it or not." With that being said, we all have family matters who we're not exactly proud of. Whether it's an alcoholic father who loves to ramble on about nothing in particular or a cousin who can't seem to stay out of jail. Dysfunctional families is just a part of growing up. Today we're going to be looking at a family member who never really gets their proper respect... uncles. An embarrassing uncle is an essential part of any dysfunctional family. And the world of cinema has given us its fair share. From uncles who hit their nephews in the face with rib-eye steaks to uncles who can't control their bowels at family functions. These are the ten most embarrassing uncles in film history.

Honorable Mention: Cousin Eddie - National Lampoon's Vacation Films (1983-2003)

Eddie doesn't make the official list because... well, he's not "Uncle" Eddie he's Cousin Eddie. However, many people still refer to him as Uncle. In fact if you do a Google search for "National Lampoon" one of the auto complete suggestions is indeed "Uncle Eddie". In short, Eddie is a low-class yet strangely lovable member of the Griswold family. Whether he's asking for money or kidnapping his cousin-in-law's boss on Christmas Eve Eddie is without question the embarrassment of the family. When Eddie shows up at his cousin's house he is met with what is probably the funniest quote from the entire Vacation film series. €œIf I woke up tomorrow morning with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am right now.€ Also, let's not forget the metal plate in his head... or what used to be a metal plate. As Eddie puts it: "They had to replace my metal plate with a plastic one. Every time Catherine would rev up the microwave, I'd wet my pants and forget who I was for about half an hour." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMxAATsf088 Click €œnext€ below and let's start the official countdown.

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