10 Most Emotional Moments In Pixar Movies

9. Sully and Boo Say Goodbye - Monster’s Inc

Monsters Inc Sully Boo
Disney Pixar

Pixar seems to be the masters of breaking out hearts with the breaking of a friendship. After watching Sully and Boo grow into a father/daughter dynamic, at the end of the film sees the inevitable realisation that she has to return home, and Sully will never see her again.

Sully, though sad, understands he has to send her home, but the real pain is clear when Boo cannot understand why her beloved “Kitty” seems to be abandoning her. With the gentle piano music, to Sully’s slow steps as he leaves into the closet and Boo sitting alone in bed, the moment is drawn out, upsetting and makes us all wish none of this was happening.


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