10 Most Emotionally Devastating Movie Moments Of 2016

Is somebody peeling onions in here?


For the more emotional moviegoer, 2016 was full of films that got the old tear ducts working in overdrive. And it wasn’t just the usual suspects either.

It used to be that you knew where you could get your teary fix from - rom coms ripe with manipulation, films with clearly doomed central characters, anything with a bloody dog in it... But now it's all changed. Alongside the obvious culprits like dramas about grieving or romantic movies that don’t pan out quite how we’d expect, a few quite surprising genres veered into more emotional territory than usually seen.

Superhero movies, for example, weren’t all just car chases and big fight scenes last year – a good number of them were surprisingly heartfelt affairs, at least in a scene or two.

If you’re the type that would rather swallow back that lump in your throat rather than giving into to a tidal wave of salty tears, then fear not – you won’t see any Homeward Bound level tear-jerkers here.

Fair warning, though: you might want to have some Kleenex at the ready just in case.


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