10 Most Expensive DELETED Movie Scenes Ever

All that money wasted.

Making a big-budget movie is an extremely difficult process at even the best of times, and no matter how well-planned a production might be, there's always the possibility that, once back in the editing room, a scene just doesn't work as intended.

The reasons can be myriad, of course: perhaps the actors don't have the expected chemistry, maybe the scene was roundly rejected by test audiences, or it's even possible that real-life events forced the filmmakers to change their approach in post-production.

But whatever the cause, in each case these costly, pivotal scenes were removed from huge movies, taking a significant portion of the film's respective budget with them.

While in many examples these films were still massive commercial successes no matter the money wasted on scenes that never made it to cinemas, for some movies it simply rubbed salt in the wound as they went on to bomb at the box office regardless of the decision...


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