10 Most Gruesome Saw Traps

I want to play a game - Which of these gory franchises traps were the worst?!

Saw 3

When it comes to horror movies, many like to leave enough to the imagination to keep you invested and scared, but still in the dark. This can be a great way to establish tension and fear, without resorting to over-the-top visuals. Saw, on the other hand, was the opposite, as rather than trying to keep you blind to the horrors of this world, it threw the blood and guts right at you.

This led to the franchise feeling very exploitative for some, as the philosophical core of the series got somewhat lost in the overabundance of grotesque imagery. Still, it certainly carved out a legacy for itself as the gory franchise that delivered on some of the most diabolical, disgusting and disturbing moments in cinema history.

There's something morbidly fascinating in the goriest of the Saw traps, as the production value is fantastic and the concepts themselves are stomach-churning. While every trap was horrifying in its own way, some stand above the rest thanks to how over-the-top, gruesome and disturbing they are.

These are the moments that truly took this franchise into its most horrifying territories.

10. The 10 Pints Of Sacrifice (Saw V)

Saw 3

How much worse can you get than literally draining the blood from your body? There's only a finite amount of pints in a human being, so seeing copious amounts of it flowing from a person is sure to leave you feeling queasy.

Saw V had a fascinating set-up, as it saw a collection of victims huddled together and forced to compete in Jigsaw's games. However, the end of their trial came with the reveal that if they'd acted as a team and made sacrifices together, they'd have all been able to survive. Sadly, they didn't put teamwork to the test, and it resulted in this nightmare.

The two longest survivors - Brit and Mallick - are given the task of sacrificing 10 pints of their blood by sticking their hands into buzz saws. Had the others survived, the burden would have been less severe, but Britt and Malick weren't so lucky. After forcing their hands into the trap, you watch in agony as their hands are sawed right down the middle, draining the red stuff from their bodies.

It all culminates in a horrifying shot of Mallick lifting his newly two-pronged hand and looking on in disgust. The pair did make it out with their lives, but at what cost?

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