10 Most Historically Inaccurate War Movies Ever Made

Turns out the Bridge on the River Kwai isn't that accurate...

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"Based on a true story": five words that will change your outlook on any film. Read this in the opening credits and the whole time you’ll probably be thinking "wow, all of this really happened... Isn’t history amazing?" And this is exactly the director’s intention. But don’t be fooled, because those words often need to be taken with entire buckets worth of salt…

However, basing a film on true events and then proceeding to take liberties with the truth is basically essential if you want to generate any box-office success, and it isn’t exactly a crime. You see, the key words here are "based on". It’s like saying you’re on a plant-based diet but still eat meat every now and then. Strictly speaking, it’s not really breaking the rules.

Despite this room for discretion, there are films that go way, WAY overboard with the amount of meat they eat, to a point where it would be a miscarriage of justice to say that they were based on a true story.

Here are 10 war films that were, at a push, ‘inspired by true events’…

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