10 Most Imaginative Shots on Film!

I finally got to re-watch Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan last night for the first time since its release. Full of impressive camerawork, cinematography, editing and direction €“ as well as exquisite performances €“ I was reintroduced to a film that particularly dazzled me with its beautiful framing and expressive shots. Whilst Black Swan didn€™t win the Academy Award, it is certainly one of the most technically impressive films I€™ve seen in a while. However, there are many directors who have chosen to use their imagination to its full capabilities in their work and tackle shots that have gone on to define a film, if not an entire genre. When a film is resplendent with inventive techniques it can elevate it into a realm of its own, an honour afforded to very few productions. From pioneers such as Sergei Eisentein, through the legend of Alfred Hitchcock to modern day greats such as Steven Spielberg, read on to discover the 10 Greatest Shots that have left a distinct mark on film, as well as giving audiences untold amounts of pleasure!
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