10 Most Immersive Movies Ever

9. Jurassic Park

1917 George McKay

If we were doing a list of immersive scenes instead of immersive movies, then Jurassic Park's incredible T-Rex ambush would be much nearer the top.

The ominous streaks of moonlight piercing through the rain, the terrifying practical dino, the decision to omit any music and let the roars and screams do the talking - it's simply sublime filmmaking, and really plants you in the thick of a dangerous situation as good as any movie has ever done.

Speaking of that dino, one of Jurassic Park's key overall strengths is its impeccable practical effects, which bring the creatures to life (literally) in such a convincing fashion that you'll actually start to feel concerned for the actors. Raptors in the kitchen, feeding the Brachiosaurus, the aforementioned T-Rex break-out - Spielberg understood that his creatures would have to feel real in order for this film to work, and everything about his lighting, framing and camera movement really grounds the monstrous dinosaurs in their scenes with surgical levels of precision.

To put it plainly, Jurassic Park is one of the most enthralling rides in movie history. Once those gates open, you won't want to leave - despite, y'know, the hungry beasties that're waiting to chomp on you at any second.

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