10 Most Insane Demands That Famous Actors Made For Movies

Millions of dollars weren't enough for this lot: they wanted dwarfs, live lobsters, mink coats...

Warner Bros.

Actors: those people who get their kicks pretending to be other people - and if they're really good at pretending to be other people, Hollywood might come knocking at their doorstep, asking them things like: hey, do you want us to pay you a ton of money to pretend to be other people? 'Cause we can totally do that for you, you know.

Hollywood, of course, is renowned for its ability to change people, capable of turning even the most innocent, wide-eyed cuties into terrifying, greedy monsters, given that they're suddenly surrounded by dozens of people who are willing to do menial things for them at the drop of a hat. Easy things. Things like "getting a drink." Okay, so, it's probably unfair to say that all actors are self-obsessed or are ruined by the Hollywood lifestyle, but it wouldn't be entirely wrong to say that most Hollywood stars are pampered and - as a result - have developed relatively large egos. You'd probably have one too if you got paid around $5 million dollars a year, though, right?

But whereas some actors might spend their days asking for just the occasional favour from their anxiety-ridden assistants, there are some who have taken the whole "I'm an actor - do what I say" thing to unbelievably insane levels. Here we've assembled 10 of the most far out instances of actor-based movie demands. Read on and enjoy!


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