10 Most Intense Car Chases In Movie History

9. Bad Boys II

Bad Boys II's Highway chase scene is another example of a film which may not have gone down all that well with critics, but nevertheless has an amazing scene at its core. If Michael Bay can do anything, it's over the top action. It's no wonder their chief pulls them over the coals after this chase solves nothing and just ends up causing more chaos for the sake of it.

This intense firefight dominates an open road, with gang members trying to evade pursuit by both the police and our eponymous heroes, Marcus (Martin Lawrence) and Mike (Will Smith). Here, we're treated to the pair chasing down a giant car carrier trailer as it slams its way through traffic, devastating everything in its path.

Unique camera work and huge budgets make for maximum carnage as the gang dump cars off the back of the lorry into the open road, all the while tension is ratcheted up as the two bad boys' partnership begins to deteriorate. Lawrence and Smith are charismatic in their lead roles and carry the scene in their stride as we get escalating explosions and pile ups.


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