10 Most Intriguing Short Films Of 2015 (So Far)

Dinosaurs? Ninjas? Time travel? Thor? So much yes!

The short film has been through a renaissance in recent years. With cheaper and cheaper semi-professional €˜prosumer€™ cameras available and the digital revolution removing the need for costly film purchase, processing and editing, the cost of producing a five to twenty minute film has decreased to the point where it isn€™t just for people already in the industry. Those lower costs have democratised the filmmaking process, making it not just possible, but also practical for people on a limited budget to put together films that look and sound genuinely great. Whether a short story in cinematic form, a dramatised single scene, a single high concept or a trailer or demo reel for a potential full length feature film, the short film is flourishing. That doesn€™t mean that every film under forty minutes long is a work of staggering, unsung genius. It just means there are more of them, with a greater platform presenting them to the outside world. Despite this, it€™s still the case that no one makes any money from a short film, especially viewed as an end in and of itself. Whatever the provenance of the story, whatever the storytelling choices made by the filmmakers, it€™ll either have to lead on to something else, or exist as a creation made purely for artistic purposes or the love of cinema. That being the case, here are ten of the most intriguing, interesting, entertaining and/or important short films released in 2015 so far...
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