10 Most Memorable Death Scenes In Horror Films

9. Trevor Lyle - Candyman (1992)

Trevor Lyle Candyman
"What's the matter, Trevor? Scared of something?"

This is the death that had everyone cheering "hell, yes - good lass!" (or something to that effect) at the screen, guaranteed. Candyman's Helen Lyle is by far one of horror's most beloved heroines: smart, ambitious and believably compassionate, she is much easier to root for than the typical 2-dimensional horror leads that often feature in slasher flicks. As a result, the viewer takes a particularly passionate dislike towards her slimy, unfaithful and undeserving husband, Trevor.

Following Helen's tragic sacrifice to reunite baby Anthony with his mother, Trevor is free to settle down with his bland, college-aged mistress. Clearly disenchanted with his new life, he reflects on how f***ing awesome his wife was and how much he had taken her awesomeness for granted while she was alive (well duh, d'you think, Trev?). Distraught, he locks himself in the bathroom and breaks down in realisation what he's lost, before composing himself just enough to recite his wife's name 5 times in the bathroom mirror.

The lights flicker, and Helen's spirit appears in front of him, having ascended into the urban legend status of the Candyman. Watching Trevor graphically hooked and gutted from the groin upwards, and watching how much his wife's mutilated spirit is clearly reveling in punishing the revolting louse, is singly the most rewarding ending to any horror movie to date. A harsh punishment for infidelity? Perhaps. Do we feel sorry for the weasel in the slightest? Hell, no.

The film's critics argue that Candyman would've been far more effective had it remained in ambiguity (was there a vengeful, hook-wielding spirit, or was Helen consumed by the urban legend?). Perhaps maintaining the ambiguity all the way through the film might've worked better, but that would've denied us horror cinema's most satisfying murder.

Screw you, Trevor.


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