10 Most Out Of Place Scenes In Horror Movie History

Did we need that Santa story in Gremlins?

Friday The 13th
New Line Cinema

"What the hell was that?" That's what movie fans think when a scene feels completely disconnected from the rest of the story. Now, there's plenty of sequences that have become infamous for feeling out of place. The Zion rave in The Matrix Reloaded. The Terminator saying "Talk to the hand" in Terminator 3. Half the scenes in The Room.

Sadly, this trope is more common in the horror genre. Think about it; how many times have you felt genuinely scared watching a slasher, only to have the whole experience ruined by a gratuitous sex scene? How frustrating is it when you're trying to get invested in a found-footage thriller, only for it to be removed by the wacky comic relief interjecting every five minutes?

Some of these jarring sequences are so legendary, they have become more famous than the movie itself. What makes these moments more annoying is how the movie can usually function without them. If these scenes were left on the cutting room floor, it usually doesn't impair the story in any way. But for one reason or another, the filmmakers decided to keep these scenes in, despite how out of place they are.

10. The Vomiting Leper - It Chapter Two

Friday The 13th
Warner Bros.

Throughout IT Chapter One and Two, Pennywise torments the Losers Club by shapeshifting into forms which encompass their greatest fears. Because Eddie is a germaphobe, the wicked clown attacks him in the guise of a leper. While wrestling with the decrepit creature, Eddie has a moment of clarity where he refuses to allow Pennywise to scare him. Grasping him defiantly, Eddie shouts an expletive at him, proving he will no longer live in fear.

The leper then vomits gallons of sludgy vomit all over Eddie, as a last ditch effort to scare him. But while Pennywise spews puke at him, a five-second clip of Juice Newton's song, Angel of the Morning, is played in the background.

Because the whole confrontation up until this point was scary, even uplifting, since Eddie was facing his fear, this tune ruins the whole moment. It would be like watching Hannibal Lecter breaking out into Gangnam style for a few seconds in an otherwise chilling scene. Even though both IT films have plenty of comedic moments, this sequence is so out-of-place, it feels like it was put in by mistake.


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