10 Most Outrageous Oscar Snubs

The best and brightest of the film world? Sometimes, the Academy gets it wrong.


Awards season is upon us, and it's time for Hollywood to give itself a pat on the back. As 2002 teen choice award winner Matt LeBlanc will attest, any prize is nice to have – but if you're an actor, you'll be wanting to get that Oscar.

The academy award is the grand prize of film, and the venerable pannel wouldn't just give the little gold baldie out to any old claptrap. No, we can rest assured that, each year, and in each category, justice will be done. Or so we'd hope, anyhow.

The unfortunate truth is that sometimes peculiar decisions are made. Whether that be a flavour of the month film that is showered with praise at the time but ends up on the cultural scrapheap, or a prize given to an individual to make up for said individual not winning a prize previously, the awards process is almost guaranteed to generate controversy.

Assembled before you are the ten head-scratchingest, most logic defying choices made by the Academy's esteemed committee. The type of decisions that make you wonder if they bothered watching the films – that make you query whether an awards show for something so subjective is even worth having.


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