10 Most Overrated Movies On IMDb's Top 250

Does Coco really belong on the list of best movies EVER?!


IMDb is the internet's biggest movie website, and its Top 250 films ranking is a great place to start if you want to watch some of cinema's best ever. From The Godfather to The Wizard of Oz, it's a star-studded collection voted on by IMDb users, which means that sometimes, unorthodox picks make it to the big leagues.

Sometimes it's cult classics like Donnie Darko or Guardians of the Galaxy, but other times they're not quite the classics we all know and love - some films which may win you over with a great performance which distracts you from all its glaring flaws.

So while these movies may not be bad - they may in fact be pretty good - they're just not deserving of a spot on what should be a very prestigious list. No doubt, some of these picks will be controversial, and you may not agree, but maybe give the films a rewatch with a more critical outlook and you might start to see what makes them so overhyped.

All positions are correct at time of writing.


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