10 Most Paused Movie Moments Of 2020

These moments made us all wear out the freeze-frame button.

Bloodshot movie

Though 2020 has been an undeniably devastating year for the film industry, the uptick in movies going direct-to-streaming this past year has nevertheless allowed viewers more control than ever over the content they watch.

Beyond the obvious convenience factor of watching new Hollywood releases at home, the greater access to high quality digital versions of the latest movies allowed audiences to immediately hit the freeze-frame on moments of interest, rather than get home from the cinema and simply read about whatever they missed.

While many of 2020's biggest planned releases ultimately ended up getting shuttled into 2021, the past year still didn't leave viewers wanting for fascinating movie moments worthy of a closer examination.

Whether awesome Easter eggs, surprise cameos, terrifying split-second jump scares, or deviously clever details you absolutely needed to revisit, these are the 10 moments that most audiences found themselves checking out in finer detail.

And if you ended up missing these vital freeze-frames the first time around, they're all absolutely worth checking out on a repeat viewing, which this gives you a perfect excuse for...

10. The Saw Graffiti - The Invisible Man

Bloodshot movie

Leigh Whannell's The Invisible Man is a film which invites the viewer to scan every piece of negative space in the frame in search of clues that the titular antagonist might be lingering around.

But as a co-creator of the Saw franchise with James Wan, Whannell also likes to include sneaky nods to his star-making horror franchise in his newer movies, and his latest was certainly no exception.

After Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) escapes from the psychiatric hospital, causes a car accident, and steals the driver's car, a graffiti mural of Saw's iconic mascot Billy the Puppet can be seen illuminated on the wall in the background.

It's only on screen for mere moments and is easily missed as a result, but once Saw fans heard about the Easter egg online, they no doubt went back en masse to take a quick look.


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