10 Most Paused Star Wars Moments

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars fans reached for the pause button.


Few properties have quite as passionate and knowledgeable a fan base as the Star Wars franchise.

Whether it's the standard affairs of the movies, the realms of TV, the plentiful comic book titles, the expanded universe canon of novels, the video games, whatever, Star Wars has some of the most die-hard, all-consuming fans imaginable. If knowledge is power, a good portion of Star Wars lovers have enough power to match the most dominant of Jedi or fearsome of Sith.

With an audience that looks to devour every inch of detail in front of them, then, it comes as no surprise that the cinematic Star Wars series has more than its fair shares of scenes that have been paused and thoroughly analysed. For numerous reasons, this is a saga that has moments that just need to be stopped and explored in more detail.

Taking a look across the standard nine-movie Skywalker Saga and beyond, here are the ten most paused moments in the history of Star Wars. And for those wondering, yes there is far more to this than simply Carrie Fisher in a gold bikini.

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