10 Most Pointless Changes To The Star Wars Movies You Never Even Noticed

10. The Dug In Jabba's Palace - Return Of The Jedi


By the time the 2011 Blu-Ray release of the saga came around, pretty much everything tamperable had already been messed with, leading to some of the most banal, pointless changes noteworthy only by their sheer ridiculousness.

As has become tradition, it was Return Of The Jedi (now widely regarded as the weakest of the three films) that suffered the most alterations. By far the most notorious of these was the addition of Vader screaming "Noooo" when he saves Luke, while the creepy blinking Ewoks have been endlessly ridiculed, although those weren't the only change made to Episode VI.

Just before Luke enters Jabba's palace, you can now see a CGI dug (Sebulba's species) bounding through the background while all the other puppet characters sleep. The entire opening of Jedi had already had a lot of elements changed, with some major design overhauls (the snouted sarlaac) and sequences added (shudder... Jedi Rocks), and, while they were all questionable, at least the vague notion of well-meaning intent was there.

With this case though, the computer generated addition is so slight it's not worth the effort.

The only reason you'd ever notice it, in fact, would be because the CGI is so poor that it looks like it's a parody of all the stupid changes that have been made.

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