10 Most Powerful Items In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Definitively power-ranking the MCU's strongest weapons and artefacts.

Gorr Thor

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is by far the biggest movie franchise of all time, and the series' overall internal consistency continues to be incredibly impressive, some 15 years and 30 movies later.

The MCU has shown us so many mesmerising sights over the years, but beyond the jaw-dropping abilities of its frontline superheroes, it's also introduced us to weapons and items of virtually untold power.

Comic book fans love nothing more than quibbling over power rankings online, and so, poring back over the MCU's entire back catalogue of amazing trinkets, these are the 10 that shake out as the most unstoppably powerful.

From huge guns capable of wiping out entire planetary bodies to stunning matter-manipulating tech, massive god-killing swords, ancient magical texts, and a couple of awesome Asgardian weapons for good measure, these 10 items are basically unrivalled in the power stakes.

While the MCU generally keeps the precise power of its most cherished objects somewhat ambiguous to give the filmmakers some wiggle-room for future movies, from the evidence presented so far there's no topping the incredible might of these 10 items...

10. Hadron Enforcer

Gorr Thor
Marvel Studios

Perhaps the MCU's most unsung ultra-powerful weapon is Rocket Raccoon's (Bradley Cooper) Hadron Enforcer, which appeared in the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

The weapon can fire a bullet containing hadron particles, triggering a massively powerful explosion which, according to Rocket, is capable of blowing up a moon.

Though we sadly don't see the full extent of the Hadron Enforcer's capabilities in the film itself, we do see Drax (Dave Bautista) fire it at Ronan (Lee Pace), destroying his Cosmi-Rod and releasing the Power Stone. That's a testament to its destructive potential.

The fact that Ronan was himself able to withstand a hit from it due to being equipped with the Power Stone ensures it can't rank any higher than #10, but assuming that Rocket is indeed telling the truth about its ability to annihilate moons, then the Enforcer's absolutely worthy of a spot.

Sadly the weapon has been MIA since its first and only appearance, perhaps because James Gunn appreciated that it was a little too OP for its own good.


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