10 Most Punchable Faces In Hollywood

shia We all have our favourite movies and movie stars but if you pay any attention at all to pop culture then you€™re likely to get exposed to any number of terrible movies and movie stars whether you want to or not. These stars and their associated movies are crappy and terrible and yet their careers tend to continue rather than end and we get more and more awful movies starring these chumps. That means press interviews, junkets, and they end up appearing on magazine covers, news programmes, internet clips, radio, posters €“ so many types of publicity that you can€™t escape them and you just want to punch them in the face. Because I don€™t approve of hitting women, even in a hypothetical article like this, I didn€™t put any on the list so it€™s 10 guys but there are definitely a few women in Hollywood who deserve a Sean Connery (I€™m looking at you Gwyneth!). Here are 10 of those most punchable of Hollywood mugs.

10. Nicholas Hoult

nic hoult Not that Nicholas has made anything truly awful film-wise, he is however just tremendously annoying . He has this eager-to-please attitude, an aw-shucks-golly-gee kinda face, and seems genuinely fake in every film he€™s in. He was irritating in his first appearance alongside Hugh Grant in 2002€™s About A Boy, whining his way through the movie, before popping up in Nicolas Cage€™s The Weather Man as Cage€™s teen son €“ a forgettable performance but then that whole movie was a mess €“ and becoming famous in the TV series Skins. Is there anything worse than seeing this guy naked and pursuing sex? Well he kept it up in 2009€™s A Single Man before making the move to crappy big-budget Hollywood movies. His timidity and false modesty as Hank McCoy/Beast in X-Men: First Class was one of the low points of that movie but he€™s nevertheless coming back for the sequel, Days of Future Past, out next year. Most recently he featured as Jack in Bryan Singer€™s Jack the Giant Slayer, an overly-expensive adaptation of the classic children€™s fairy tale that fared poorly at the box office (not to mention critically). In nearly every role, he plays the bland good guy, putting in the bare minimum of effort to craft the most generic characters every committed to screen. That and those moronic ads for Tom Ford€ grr€

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