10 Most Rewatchable Movies Of The 1980s

9. Back To The Future

Stallone Dolph Lundgren Rocky IV

There are many reasons why legions of fans from all creeds, cultures and age brackets adore Back to the Future. It boasts the coolest time machine in movie history, an infinitely quotable script and powerful chemistry between its two leads.

All of this makes Robert Zemeckis’s time-hopping adventure an absolute joy the first time, but none can resist coming back for more because this movie has everything.

Back to the Future managed to cram action, adventure, comedy, romance and cutting-edge special effects into a single film, and somehow it worked. All of these elements come together seamlessly. Great Scott! How did they pull that off?

Any scene where Michael J. Fox's Marty and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown are bouncing off one another is a delight no matter how many times you've sat through them, but Marty's skateboarding skills set against Huey Lewis and the News, and his guitar antics are about as rewatchable as cinema gets.

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