10 Most Rewatchable Movies Of The Last 10 Years

Bust out the popcorn; it’s time to revisit some gems of modern cinema.

Mad max Fury Road Tom Hardy
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Lots of things are good the first time around. Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, a sarcastic sing-along of Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’, etc. However, repeated viewings/sing-alongs of the above will very quickly drive home the truth that some things just aren’t made to be enjoyed over and over again. In fact, some of the greatest movies of all time are very much one time, or at least very occasional, cinematic experiences.

Some movies, however, can be busted out again and again and still hold up. Some even get better with repeated viewings. Be it there’s an engaging mystery that keeps you coming back, goofy comedy that only gets better with repetition, endless details that allow you to spot something new every time, or awesome action and explosions that can’t fail to satiate that low-key human desire to see things burst into flames.

Yes, some movies hold the privileged position of being enjoyable when watched over and over again. Sometimes it can even be that they’re just damn fine films that are so well paced and enjoyable that they make their way into your regular rotation.

Bust out the popcorn; it’s time to revisit some gems of modern cinema.

10. The Lego Movie

Mad max Fury Road Tom Hardy
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Everything is awesome!

But seriously though. Everything in this movie is awesome. The Lego Movie is the exemplary family-friendly film that you can chuck on and enjoy for kids and adults alike. It extremely easy watching goodness, combined with great humour, music and incredibly endearing performances from Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson and Charlie Day.

The rewatch factor is also complimented some surprisingly cool action sequences and a heart-wrenching human element that swings out of nowhere to add a lot of depth.

Old or young, there’s something for everyone on every dive into the Lego-verse. Its success has led to other instalments in the Lego Cinematic Universe, including the Lego Batman Movie and the Ninjago movie (both of which also stand up very nicely to repeated viewings).


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