10 Most Ridiculous Horror Movie Plot Twists

Only in horror could you get away with twists THIS silly.


Since the advent of the genre, horror cinema has seen its fair share of shocking twists. From the mind-bending reveals of The Sixth Sense and Friday the 13th to the shocking turns of Us and The Others, Hollywood has gotten particularly good at blindsiding unsuspecting horror enthusiasts.

Along the way, of course, there have been some attempts to trick audiences that were so shocking, so truly unbelievable, that they even bordered on comical. And we love them for it.

For years now, filmmakers have been attempting to one-up each other in how blown they can make the viewers ’minds. It shouldn’t be too long until a film reveals that the audience too has, in fact, been dead the whole time.

Even when they're dumb they can be hugely enjoyable, and for those movies, the greats and everything in-between, we dive into this list to find horror history’s most heinous offenders of the ridiculous plot twist.

Oh, and spoiler alert... duh.

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